Disney Rocks!

June 10, 2009 at 10:29 pm (Videos) (, , )

And yes, I did watch the other years, but this was definitely the best all around, though the others are fun!


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Richard III

May 31, 2009 at 10:27 pm (Concord, Rants, School, Theater, UR)

Last night, I went to the high school’s rendition of Shakespeare’s Richard III, my sister’s last play in high school!  So sad!  The play was held outside, in much the same manner as Shakespeare on the Common, in that you brought your own chairs, and snacks and whatnot, along with plenty of bundling to stay warm!  The play started at 7:30 and lasted until a little after 10:30.  And this was the short version.

Overall, the play was quite well done.  The director (who is also leaving this year) chose to set it in medieval Japan, with accompanying taiko drums – which were amazing!  I definitely think the taiko drums were my favorite part of the show – and they really enhanced the experience.  I loved the way they worked with the battle scenes, as well as the choreography of the battles.  If I were ever to be in some sort of directoral capacity, it would certainly be something to file away for future use.  I would attempt to describe it here, but it would totally pale in comparison.

The actors, overall, did great!  It’s astonishing to think of the number of lines the lead had to memorize – and he did really well (we barely noticed the skips that S told us about later 😛 )!  They also had a 6(?) year old kid reciting Shakespeare!

Watching the shows at my high school is always kind of bittersweet for me.  I love the shows, and they are always so well done!  And then I start comparing it to my college.  And I am saddened.  My high school is half the size of my college – actually, not even half!  And yet we do half the shows they do – and not necessarily at the same level!  I mean, I don’t want to knock UR’s program, as it is wonderful, but I can’t help comparing.  I know I’m being a bit harsh, but I feel like there’s a disconnect here.  I feel like the theater dept should maybe do some more outreach and get more people involved in the shows, showing that you don’t have to be a theater major – or even minor – to participate.  And something else.  I don’t know.  I’m just kind of ranting right now.  But it seems a shame that even with the awesome people that we do have at UR, we aren’t using them to their full potential.  And I know that college has a lot of requirements that high school doesn’t, such as the level of academics, but I feel like something is missing.  And it’s such a shame.

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May 26, 2009 at 1:30 pm (Uncategorized)

My Kindle has been shipped! From the lovely state of Kentucky! So it should be here before the week is out! Knock on wood!

:does happy dance:

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May 20, 2009 at 4:12 pm (Summer)

I’ve been home for just under a week, and am loving it!  I have yet to see any of my friends, however, though that will be rectified tomorrow evening.  On the other hand, I have accomplished far more in the past week than in both of my last two college summers combined (or at least, that’s what it feels like).  I have cleaned out my closet, weeding out all clothes and shoes that I have not worn in forever.  I have made progress on the organization of the rest of my closet/room.  I have initiated a plan to get more desk space in my office room, as well as a new ribbon for my typewriter!  I do not, however, have a plan to get more shelf space, and the library book sale is a mere two and a half weeks away!  Not that a lack of shelf space has ever stopped me before, of course… Anyway, back to my list: I have acquired an old card catalog from the library, and plan to use it to organize all my office supplies.  I have an actual plan to organize all my school papers instead of keeping them in random boxes and files all over my floor.  AND I have started my summer research!  Talk about a feeling of accomplishment!  Well, I should probably wait until everything is completely organized (which shall take at least a few more days, unfortunately, and at least one trip to Staples, fortunately 😀 ) to say that.  But still.  It’s a start!  Oh, and I’ve had my first sunburn of the summer, which has healed to a lovely base tan, but it still needs a lot of work.  Which I am perfectly willing to put in!

Speaking of burns, in other news, my mother was attempting to boil some chicken for chicken salad earlier today, and went outside to garden a bit.  And boiled all the water into evaporation and burned the pot.  I smelled the smoke/nastiness in my room.  Two floors removed from the kitchen. Running downstairs to see if I could stop it, I discover the kitchen and dining room are filled with smoke.  My mom had already removed the offending pot to the garden and hosed it down.  It is now four hours later, and the kitchen and basement still smell of it.  The rest of the house would smell the same, except that it is a fortunately beautiful day, and we were able to open all the windows in the house.  Welcome home!

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Beginning of the End

April 30, 2009 at 9:30 pm (School)

The packing has started.  I packed up four boxes of books and pillows and lamps and my printer.  My desk shelves look so empty!   Walking through the halls of the dorm, you can hear the dulcet sounds of packing tape being ripped off the roll, while tripping over people’s items that have been thoughtfully placed in the middle of the hallway.  Isn’t this a wonderful time of year?

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And This is Why I Love the Theatre Department

April 16, 2009 at 5:19 pm (Friends, Happy, Theater)

Exhibit A: Murphy.  Murphy is the beautiful chocolate lab owned by one of the shop guys.  I somehow finagled my way into being responsible for walking Murphy every night after my last cue!  He is such a good puppy!  I just wish I had a longer leash so we could play some sort of fetch…

Exhibit B: Boris.  Boris is the costume designer’s Boston terrier, who is one of the most hyper dogs I know.  He has a slightly annoying yap, but is really cute when prancing around the costume shop/green room with a ball of tulle that is larger than him!  Oh, and he has costumes…

Exhibit C: Ed.  Ed is one of the dance instructors/lead in the play’s golden retriever.  Tonight is the first time I met him, and I get to take him for a walk with Murphy tonight!  Yippee!

And yes, this is the only reason I agreed to do this show.  Well, el boyo may have had something to do with it…

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April 14, 2009 at 5:44 pm (Books, Causes, News articles)

If you haven’t already heard, Amazon decided to de-rank thousands of books they deemed “adult”, except most of the books thus labeled are about homosexuality and do not have adult themes at all!  De-ranking means these books do not show up on the first (or second or third…) page of search results – even if you search for the exact title! – as well as not showing up on bestselling lists.

I don’t have the time nor the concentration currently to do a full post/commentary about this, so I’ll just give you a lovely list of links to other people commenting about this issue:

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March 30, 2009 at 11:15 pm (Happy, Work)

Today I learned about CSS!  Now, I know this isn’t exactly a big deal to some of you, but having dabbled in web stuff for a few years now, I’ve always seen references to CSS but have never been able to actually learn what it is or how it works or anything like that.  So when my boss at the DSL asked me today if I was interested in learning about CSS, I leaped at the chance!

So, he showed me this tutorial online that teaches you about different aspects of CSS, i.e. how/why it’s used and specific pieces of code.  If you were wondering, CSS is basically a tool that allows you to create one set of rules for a whole series of webpages, so no matter where you go on a website, it looks the same.  Also, it separates the code from the content, so it’s easier to edit one or the other without dealing with a lot of crowding.  So I studied the tutorial for about an hour, and then went to work organizing the code he gave me.

I know what you’re thinking – loads of fun (ha!)

But it was!  I know, I’m a total dork.  But I like learning new things that I could possibly actually apply in the future!  Or now.  You know, whenever.

So that’s my exciting/jump-up-and-down news for the day…

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March 22, 2009 at 12:39 pm (Happy, School, Summer, The Future, Vacation)

I have absolutely no idea when the last time I posted on here was.  I suppose I could actually visit my blog and figure that out, but really, who cares?  I’m back!  And it’s spring!

Spring break was fabulous with my roomie.  And I think it was the perfect length.  Except now I’m back at school and attempting to come to terms with the fact that there is approximately one month left of this semester.  And I don’t want it to be over!  I like my classes!  Well, I like one of them!  And I don’t want that to be over!  I’ve finally found a professor with whom I am comfortable talking after class on a regular basis!  Gah.

On the good news front, however, I got the summer research grant this summer!  And I think I’ll be able to do it from home.  Hello, cake.  I do believe I have you and get to eat you too.  And you’re chocolate.  Yum!

I did tell my mother, briefly, that I don’t really want to graduate early.  But I still need to talk to my father and my advisor about that.  Not really looking forward to that.

So that’s a brief overview of my life currently.  How be y’all?

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February 25, 2009 at 6:44 pm (School)

I haven’t given anything up for Lent in a few years, usually because I totally forget about it.  But this year, I am giving something up!  And I’m going to stick to it!  Promise!  Cross my heart and all that jazz!

So what, pray tell, am I giving up?

Well, as dear roomie may have noticed, I have actually cleared off space on my desk and placed my computer there, with all possible wires and such sticking out of it, all in an attempt to deter myself from sitting on my bed with my laptop.

Crazy, I know.


I have noticed that I waste so much more time/sleep when I am on my bed with my computer.  It doesn’t matter if I have the time to waste or not, I’m just not actually accomplishing anything.  Also, my desk is facing the opposite wall from the TV, so I can’t comfortably be on it and watching TV at the same time, so this will either cut back on my TV time or my laptop time.  Thus, this promise.

We shall see if it is actually effective.

Though I may need to find a more comfortable desk chair than this plastic one…

Any one else giving something up for Lent?

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