Happy New Year!

January 9, 2010 at 12:22 am (Blogging, Happy, Movies, Vacation)

I know I’m a little late, but it’s still the new year, so the fact that it isn’t the first day of said new year doesn’t matter, right?

Anyway, I have noticed a definite uptick in my blog reader of people who have apparently made it their new year’s resolution to remember their blogs.  And I suppose I could be counted among those.  But at least I have a legit excuse for not writing here more often: I was writing a thesis!  Which is finished!  When I last left you lovely readers, I was still busy working on it, but I can now tell you that, at 41 pages (not counting my epic bibliography), my opus is finished!

In other news, it is a new year, and a scary one at that: graduation is on the horizon!  And on that note, I have started a new blog, which I plan to make available to potential employers to show how amazing I am with social media type things in case I end up wanting to go into that field at some potential point in time.  I mean, I don’t think I’d mind them reading this blog, but it’s not exactly professional…

And I am oddly hype currently, for no explicable reason, so I’m just going to keep jumping from topic to topic, if you don’t mind:

My family and I watched Julie and Julia tonight.  It was cute, but definitely not a great movie.  Meryl Streep and Amy Adams are definitely two of my favorite actresses, and they were the only things keeping the movie watchable.  So watch it if you’re in the mood (and either not hungry or in the process of eating dinner – delicious food is at the heart of this movie!), but don’t have too high of expectations.

In other news, music from the ’40s and ’50s is amazing.

And school starts in a mere three days.  Can’t decide if I’m excited or not.  As a comparison, last semester, I had a grand total of 5 books for all 4 classes I was taking.  This semester, I have at least 20.  Fun times!

And I’m running out of steam.  So a bientot!  No promises of writing here anymore often than last year, but I do promise to maybe possibly update this blog at least one more time in the coming 357 days!


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And This is Why I Love the Theatre Department

April 16, 2009 at 5:19 pm (Friends, Happy, Theater)

Exhibit A: Murphy.  Murphy is the beautiful chocolate lab owned by one of the shop guys.  I somehow finagled my way into being responsible for walking Murphy every night after my last cue!  He is such a good puppy!  I just wish I had a longer leash so we could play some sort of fetch…

Exhibit B: Boris.  Boris is the costume designer’s Boston terrier, who is one of the most hyper dogs I know.  He has a slightly annoying yap, but is really cute when prancing around the costume shop/green room with a ball of tulle that is larger than him!  Oh, and he has costumes…

Exhibit C: Ed.  Ed is one of the dance instructors/lead in the play’s golden retriever.  Tonight is the first time I met him, and I get to take him for a walk with Murphy tonight!  Yippee!

And yes, this is the only reason I agreed to do this show.  Well, el boyo may have had something to do with it…

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March 30, 2009 at 11:15 pm (Happy, Work)

Today I learned about CSS!  Now, I know this isn’t exactly a big deal to some of you, but having dabbled in web stuff for a few years now, I’ve always seen references to CSS but have never been able to actually learn what it is or how it works or anything like that.  So when my boss at the DSL asked me today if I was interested in learning about CSS, I leaped at the chance!

So, he showed me this tutorial online that teaches you about different aspects of CSS, i.e. how/why it’s used and specific pieces of code.  If you were wondering, CSS is basically a tool that allows you to create one set of rules for a whole series of webpages, so no matter where you go on a website, it looks the same.  Also, it separates the code from the content, so it’s easier to edit one or the other without dealing with a lot of crowding.  So I studied the tutorial for about an hour, and then went to work organizing the code he gave me.

I know what you’re thinking – loads of fun (ha!)

But it was!  I know, I’m a total dork.  But I like learning new things that I could possibly actually apply in the future!  Or now.  You know, whenever.

So that’s my exciting/jump-up-and-down news for the day…

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March 22, 2009 at 12:39 pm (Happy, School, Summer, The Future, Vacation)

I have absolutely no idea when the last time I posted on here was.  I suppose I could actually visit my blog and figure that out, but really, who cares?  I’m back!  And it’s spring!

Spring break was fabulous with my roomie.  And I think it was the perfect length.  Except now I’m back at school and attempting to come to terms with the fact that there is approximately one month left of this semester.  And I don’t want it to be over!  I like my classes!  Well, I like one of them!  And I don’t want that to be over!  I’ve finally found a professor with whom I am comfortable talking after class on a regular basis!  Gah.

On the good news front, however, I got the summer research grant this summer!  And I think I’ll be able to do it from home.  Hello, cake.  I do believe I have you and get to eat you too.  And you’re chocolate.  Yum!

I did tell my mother, briefly, that I don’t really want to graduate early.  But I still need to talk to my father and my advisor about that.  Not really looking forward to that.

So that’s a brief overview of my life currently.  How be y’all?

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Today’s Eureka!

February 10, 2009 at 11:44 pm (Happy, The Future)

Thanks my lovely friend who introduced me to StumbleUpon, which stumbled me over to this site, I have discovered what it is I shall do with my life: dog photography!  I’ll use my next (and potentially last) semester of college to finally take that photography class I’ve had my eye on, then get a car and finally start volunteering at the local dog shelter that I’ve had my eye on for so long, and get started on my new career path.  El boyo can even join up with me and we’ll do a joint package of video and photography!  Woot!

And no, I see absolutely no problems with this plan 😀

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New Year, New Semester, Etc

January 21, 2009 at 2:42 pm (Happy, School)

Well, it’s Week 2 of the Spring semester.  Classes are good.  Life in general is good.  Nothing really to complain about.  Except the cold.  I came south to escape the cold, and look!  It followed me back.  And we don’t even get snow or any of the fun stuff that comes with cold.  Just cold.  And wind.  Which makes it colder.  Ick.

I’m currently taking 3 classes plus an independent study, with 2 jobs to fill in all my free time (even though the Writing Center had to cut everyone’s hours back, which sucks).  It’s fun, really.  2 of the classes and of course the independent study go towards my major, so all I’ll have next year is my fabulous thesis.  My other class in biology.  Which I though I could handle.  Except, well, the professor has already marked me as someone who just doesn’t get science, and so asks me if I understand every step before she moves on.  Which is good, cause ofttimes I don’t, but it’s a bit humbling to be totally clueless in the 2nd week of class.

My apologies for not having more to report, but c’est la vie.  A boring life is a good life I suppose.

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Vacation Chronicles

December 23, 2008 at 1:56 am (Concord, Family, Happy, Vacation, Work)

It’s vacation!!!  YEY!!!

I got home safe and sound last Tuesday, on Friday it started snowing, and it stopped snowing yesterday.  Mount Skittles* is as tall as I am.  And it’s only the first big snowfall of the winter.  Goody!  I have done more shoveling thus far this winter than all of the last two winters combined, I think.  Well, that’s an exaggeration, but still.  Oh, and did I mention that we didn’t get our paper this morning and believe it to be buried in the snow somewhere, unavailable until spring?  I love winter.

Speaking of loving winter, I seriously think I’m allergic to the cold.  And my parents are starting to agree with me/laugh at me everytime I step into the cold and start sneezing and getting red eyes etc.  Fun times.  The result of this, of course, is that I am burning through wood like there is no tomorrow since my father doesn’t like having the heat on very high.  I have my special spot in front of the fireplace, only moving to eat and get more firewood.  And shovel.

Actually, today I started working at the library again.  I got approved to work for as many hours as I want for the next two weeks while on of my mom’s co-workers is on vacation.  I’m doing the same processing stuff as I did this summer, i.e. making labels, covering books with plastic, etc.  It’s fun and I get first (well, second, after my mother, who actually receives the shipments and puts the books into the system) dibs on all the books!  Unfortunately, there was a majority of non-fiction today, and while I like non-fiction sometimes, it’s not a non-fiction vacation.  Fortunately, like last summer, there are two huge, floor-to-ceiling, bookshelves that are completely filled to the brim with a back-log of books that I am expected to help work through, thus the incentive for them to give me as many hours as I need to get the job done.  The woman who officially has this job doesn’t like working with the old books, so I, and my dust allergy, get to do it.  But I like it, so it’s all good.

And yes, I do like working while on vacation.  It’s a no-stress job, I get $$$, and it gets my father off my back when he complains that my brother and I don’t do anything over vacation except sleep.  But I’m not going to get started on my father right now.  Instead, I’m off to bed!  Good night!

*Mount Skittles is the mound of snow right next to the fence separating the backyard yard from the driveway where all the snow from the driveway gets shoveled.  Since Skittles loves loves loves snow (seriously, she was whining at the door for 30 minutes yesterday because my parents were outside shoveling and she wanted to join them**), she climbs up it and looks down on us, waiting for more snow to be thrown her way.

** I wasn’t shirking my duty – I was making dinner!  😀

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The Girls Next Door…

November 16, 2008 at 2:26 pm (Happy)

…have moved out!

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music!!!

I have absolutely no idea why, but for some reason, 2 of the 3 girls who live next door to me and are obnoxiously loud on the weekends at the worst possible times have officially moved out.  The one who is left is the nice one who would always apologize to me for her roommates and their general loudness.

I would really love to know why 2 of them moved out, but was afraid to ask when I had the opportunity for fear of seeming like a bitch who was glorying in their removal.  I mean, it seems like it was an amicable separation, so that scratches a few things off the list.  So now it’s your turn to propose reasons.  The person with the best reason gets… um… a high five!  Across oceans/continents, since most of you are abroad…

So have at it!  😀

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Guerilla Knitting

November 3, 2008 at 10:07 pm (Happy, Knitting) (, )

I know some people think that I subscribe to too many blogs, but if I didn’t then how else would I find such gems as an article on “urban knitting: the world’s most inoffensive graffiti“?  I love it!  I mean, check this out:

I particularly like the ones that simply cover a section of a larger piece, like the chain link above.

I’m not quite sure I see the point of covering entire trees with knitted material, though.

And check out the names of some of those groups!  “knitta please” just made me laugh out loud 😀

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Reason #289 Not To Have Strict Facebook Privacy Settings

October 26, 2008 at 5:17 pm (Facebook, Friends, Happy)

Because then your friends have to wait 4 days for you to actually tell them that you have a boyfriend instead of discovering it on their Newsfeed! Seriously!

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