May 20, 2009 at 4:12 pm (Summer)

I’ve been home for just under a week, and am loving it!  I have yet to see any of my friends, however, though that will be rectified tomorrow evening.  On the other hand, I have accomplished far more in the past week than in both of my last two college summers combined (or at least, that’s what it feels like).  I have cleaned out my closet, weeding out all clothes and shoes that I have not worn in forever.  I have made progress on the organization of the rest of my closet/room.  I have initiated a plan to get more desk space in my office room, as well as a new ribbon for my typewriter!  I do not, however, have a plan to get more shelf space, and the library book sale is a mere two and a half weeks away!  Not that a lack of shelf space has ever stopped me before, of course… Anyway, back to my list: I have acquired an old card catalog from the library, and plan to use it to organize all my office supplies.  I have an actual plan to organize all my school papers instead of keeping them in random boxes and files all over my floor.  AND I have started my summer research!  Talk about a feeling of accomplishment!  Well, I should probably wait until everything is completely organized (which shall take at least a few more days, unfortunately, and at least one trip to Staples, fortunately 😀 ) to say that.  But still.  It’s a start!  Oh, and I’ve had my first sunburn of the summer, which has healed to a lovely base tan, but it still needs a lot of work.  Which I am perfectly willing to put in!

Speaking of burns, in other news, my mother was attempting to boil some chicken for chicken salad earlier today, and went outside to garden a bit.  And boiled all the water into evaporation and burned the pot.  I smelled the smoke/nastiness in my room.  Two floors removed from the kitchen. Running downstairs to see if I could stop it, I discover the kitchen and dining room are filled with smoke.  My mom had already removed the offending pot to the garden and hosed it down.  It is now four hours later, and the kitchen and basement still smell of it.  The rest of the house would smell the same, except that it is a fortunately beautiful day, and we were able to open all the windows in the house.  Welcome home!


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