And This is Why I Love the Theatre Department

April 16, 2009 at 5:19 pm (Friends, Happy, Theater)

Exhibit A: Murphy.  Murphy is the beautiful chocolate lab owned by one of the shop guys.  I somehow finagled my way into being responsible for walking Murphy every night after my last cue!  He is such a good puppy!  I just wish I had a longer leash so we could play some sort of fetch…

Exhibit B: Boris.  Boris is the costume designer’s Boston terrier, who is one of the most hyper dogs I know.  He has a slightly annoying yap, but is really cute when prancing around the costume shop/green room with a ball of tulle that is larger than him!  Oh, and he has costumes…

Exhibit C: Ed.  Ed is one of the dance instructors/lead in the play’s golden retriever.  Tonight is the first time I met him, and I get to take him for a walk with Murphy tonight!  Yippee!

And yes, this is the only reason I agreed to do this show.  Well, el boyo may have had something to do with it…


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