March 30, 2009 at 11:15 pm (Happy, Work)

Today I learned about CSS!  Now, I know this isn’t exactly a big deal to some of you, but having dabbled in web stuff for a few years now, I’ve always seen references to CSS but have never been able to actually learn what it is or how it works or anything like that.  So when my boss at the DSL asked me today if I was interested in learning about CSS, I leaped at the chance!

So, he showed me this tutorial online that teaches you about different aspects of CSS, i.e. how/why it’s used and specific pieces of code.  If you were wondering, CSS is basically a tool that allows you to create one set of rules for a whole series of webpages, so no matter where you go on a website, it looks the same.  Also, it separates the code from the content, so it’s easier to edit one or the other without dealing with a lot of crowding.  So I studied the tutorial for about an hour, and then went to work organizing the code he gave me.

I know what you’re thinking – loads of fun (ha!)

But it was!  I know, I’m a total dork.  But I like learning new things that I could possibly actually apply in the future!  Or now.  You know, whenever.

So that’s my exciting/jump-up-and-down news for the day…


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March 22, 2009 at 12:39 pm (Happy, School, Summer, The Future, Vacation)

I have absolutely no idea when the last time I posted on here was.  I suppose I could actually visit my blog and figure that out, but really, who cares?  I’m back!  And it’s spring!

Spring break was fabulous with my roomie.  And I think it was the perfect length.  Except now I’m back at school and attempting to come to terms with the fact that there is approximately one month left of this semester.  And I don’t want it to be over!  I like my classes!  Well, I like one of them!  And I don’t want that to be over!  I’ve finally found a professor with whom I am comfortable talking after class on a regular basis!  Gah.

On the good news front, however, I got the summer research grant this summer!  And I think I’ll be able to do it from home.  Hello, cake.  I do believe I have you and get to eat you too.  And you’re chocolate.  Yum!

I did tell my mother, briefly, that I don’t really want to graduate early.  But I still need to talk to my father and my advisor about that.  Not really looking forward to that.

So that’s a brief overview of my life currently.  How be y’all?

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