February 25, 2009 at 6:44 pm (School)

I haven’t given anything up for Lent in a few years, usually because I totally forget about it.  But this year, I am giving something up!  And I’m going to stick to it!  Promise!  Cross my heart and all that jazz!

So what, pray tell, am I giving up?

Well, as dear roomie may have noticed, I have actually cleared off space on my desk and placed my computer there, with all possible wires and such sticking out of it, all in an attempt to deter myself from sitting on my bed with my laptop.

Crazy, I know.


I have noticed that I waste so much more time/sleep when I am on my bed with my computer.  It doesn’t matter if I have the time to waste or not, I’m just not actually accomplishing anything.  Also, my desk is facing the opposite wall from the TV, so I can’t comfortably be on it and watching TV at the same time, so this will either cut back on my TV time or my laptop time.  Thus, this promise.

We shall see if it is actually effective.

Though I may need to find a more comfortable desk chair than this plastic one…

Any one else giving something up for Lent?


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February 16, 2009 at 11:21 pm (Friends, School)

As some of you may know, during this last week, I was ever-so-slightly busy working on The Pillowman, which was essentially the senior thesis for all of the theater majors, including el boyo.  Basically, they chose the play, designed the sets, lighting, costumes, etc, cast the parts, directed the scenes, stage managed, and so on and so forth, with very little help from faculty.  It was sink or swim.

And swim they did!  The show was fantastic!  It’s essentially a really dark comedy.  After watching it a few times, it is definitely much funnier than it first appears.  I really hope the video comes out well.

So what was my part, considering I am not a theater major?  Well, el boyo roped me into operating the sound board, which consisted of sitting in the booth and pushing the “GO!” button for each of the sound cues, as well as turning the main character’s mic on and off (before he had the chance to pull the plug and broadcast static!).  Loads of fun, not too much responsibility.

Which is why I’m sad it’s over.

Yes, it sucked up huge chunks of my time (i.e. 6 hours a night for rehearsal; 4-5 hours for shows) during which I was able to achieve many unproductive things (such as spend an unhealthy amount of time reading my blogs and using StumbleUpon).  Yes, I was completely unable to do any work in the dark booth with the show distracting me at every turn.  Yes, I only did it for a week and could have gone slightly bonkers if I had to work on it for too much longer.

Yet, at the same time….

It was a fabulous group of people to work with.  I didn’t have to deal with any scary faculty people (I love them in small doses, but sometimes…).  It was a fun play!  And fun people!  And it was just a good time!

Thus, I miss it already.

Though I certainly don’t miss the time that el boyo spent on it.

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Today’s Eureka!

February 10, 2009 at 11:44 pm (Happy, The Future)

Thanks my lovely friend who introduced me to StumbleUpon, which stumbled me over to this site, I have discovered what it is I shall do with my life: dog photography!  I’ll use my next (and potentially last) semester of college to finally take that photography class I’ve had my eye on, then get a car and finally start volunteering at the local dog shelter that I’ve had my eye on for so long, and get started on my new career path.  El boyo can even join up with me and we’ll do a joint package of video and photography!  Woot!

And no, I see absolutely no problems with this plan 😀

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