New Year, New Semester, Etc

January 21, 2009 at 2:42 pm (Happy, School)

Well, it’s Week 2 of the Spring semester.  Classes are good.  Life in general is good.  Nothing really to complain about.  Except the cold.  I came south to escape the cold, and look!  It followed me back.  And we don’t even get snow or any of the fun stuff that comes with cold.  Just cold.  And wind.  Which makes it colder.  Ick.

I’m currently taking 3 classes plus an independent study, with 2 jobs to fill in all my free time (even though the Writing Center had to cut everyone’s hours back, which sucks).  It’s fun, really.  2 of the classes and of course the independent study go towards my major, so all I’ll have next year is my fabulous thesis.  My other class in biology.  Which I though I could handle.  Except, well, the professor has already marked me as someone who just doesn’t get science, and so asks me if I understand every step before she moves on.  Which is good, cause ofttimes I don’t, but it’s a bit humbling to be totally clueless in the 2nd week of class.

My apologies for not having more to report, but c’est la vie.  A boring life is a good life I suppose.


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