Vacation Chronicles

December 23, 2008 at 1:56 am (Concord, Family, Happy, Vacation, Work)

It’s vacation!!!  YEY!!!

I got home safe and sound last Tuesday, on Friday it started snowing, and it stopped snowing yesterday.  Mount Skittles* is as tall as I am.  And it’s only the first big snowfall of the winter.  Goody!  I have done more shoveling thus far this winter than all of the last two winters combined, I think.  Well, that’s an exaggeration, but still.  Oh, and did I mention that we didn’t get our paper this morning and believe it to be buried in the snow somewhere, unavailable until spring?  I love winter.

Speaking of loving winter, I seriously think I’m allergic to the cold.  And my parents are starting to agree with me/laugh at me everytime I step into the cold and start sneezing and getting red eyes etc.  Fun times.  The result of this, of course, is that I am burning through wood like there is no tomorrow since my father doesn’t like having the heat on very high.  I have my special spot in front of the fireplace, only moving to eat and get more firewood.  And shovel.

Actually, today I started working at the library again.  I got approved to work for as many hours as I want for the next two weeks while on of my mom’s co-workers is on vacation.  I’m doing the same processing stuff as I did this summer, i.e. making labels, covering books with plastic, etc.  It’s fun and I get first (well, second, after my mother, who actually receives the shipments and puts the books into the system) dibs on all the books!  Unfortunately, there was a majority of non-fiction today, and while I like non-fiction sometimes, it’s not a non-fiction vacation.  Fortunately, like last summer, there are two huge, floor-to-ceiling, bookshelves that are completely filled to the brim with a back-log of books that I am expected to help work through, thus the incentive for them to give me as many hours as I need to get the job done.  The woman who officially has this job doesn’t like working with the old books, so I, and my dust allergy, get to do it.  But I like it, so it’s all good.

And yes, I do like working while on vacation.  It’s a no-stress job, I get $$$, and it gets my father off my back when he complains that my brother and I don’t do anything over vacation except sleep.  But I’m not going to get started on my father right now.  Instead, I’m off to bed!  Good night!

*Mount Skittles is the mound of snow right next to the fence separating the backyard yard from the driveway where all the snow from the driveway gets shoveled.  Since Skittles loves loves loves snow (seriously, she was whining at the door for 30 minutes yesterday because my parents were outside shoveling and she wanted to join them**), she climbs up it and looks down on us, waiting for more snow to be thrown her way.

** I wasn’t shirking my duty – I was making dinner!  😀


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Just Wow.

December 18, 2008 at 1:48 am (News articles)

Opening up my Yahoo! mail this evening, I was greeted with the following headline: Bush says he didn’t compromise soul to be popular

Well, now that that’s cleared up, I suppose I can go on with my life.

Plus, considering his amazing lack of popularity right now (which I know quite a bit about, having proofread el boyo’s 20-page paper on the topic of this toxic president…), I would think that he got a pretty rum deal if he had sold his soul, considering it lasted for, what?, a year? Two?

Le sigh.

PS I promise to be better about blogging this break since I won’t have much else to do! 😀

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Timed Out

December 11, 2008 at 8:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Ok, I know I haven’t posted in a long while, and I promise that I will start posting things of some substance as soon as finals are over, but for now, bear with me as I rant for a bit before returning to my studies.

Why do the most mundane sites have your sessions time out after an arbitrary amount of time? Seriously, ARTstor just told me that I timed out “for my safety”*. What in the world would I have to protect on ARTstor? They don’t sell anything, so they’re not protecting me from someone stealing my credit card information. I never gave them my address or anything like that – I don’t even think they have my real name – nothing but my email address, so they’re not protecting me from stalkers or people trying to steal my identity. So why sign me out? I’m serious. Does anyone know?

It’s the same with the university’s library website. My searches time out after like 5 minutes. What the heck is that saving me from? Being embarrassed that I’m doing research? All it does is aggravate me.

So, if you can, please illuminate me as to why these harmless sites insist on making my life harder by logging me out every 5 minutes.

*Edit:  It just timed me out again, and for the sake of accuracy, I must point out that it actually says it’s for my “protection”, not safety.  But still.  C’mon.

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