Lingua Latina

November 20, 2008 at 9:09 pm (School)

I did my Latin presentation today that I have spent essentially the last two full days on.  I was the last person to go on the last day, which was fun.  Ish.  I was kinda shaky physically and almost forgot some of my biggest points that I had spent the most time figuring out!  But in the end, I think it worked out fairly well.  My professor wants me to do something with some of the discussions we were having at the end of class, but I was so nervous, I have completely forgotten them!  Plus, I think that they didn’t make much sense when I was listening to them in class, and so kinda dismissed them in my mind, and thus felt I had no reason to remember them.  So now I either have to try to include something that sounds approximately right, or suck it up and go to my professor and admit that I have absolutely no recollection of what happpened from the time I opened my mouth halfway through class until I went to lunch with el boyo.

Oh, and did I mention that even with all the work that I have done, I still don’t have a cohesive/comprehensive paper outline, even though I have enough material for a 10 page paper?  And the absolute maximum is 7 pages?  Though the professor only specified a 12pt font, so maybe I can find a really tiny font for which the 12pt size looks like a Times New Roman 8?  Suggestions, anyone?

The upside to this all is that I got the highest grade on the peer grading sheets (everyone in the class had to grade each others’ presentations on scales of 1-10 on 3 criteria, with 1 being the best).  Of course, with my Latin professor being the amazing man that he is, sent out the following email:

Well the judges have totted up the results and Kathleen has won the extra credit points for best score in presentation.  She has graciously donated her points to the excellent charity Save the Frat BoysTM.  Each of 4 frat boys failing in Latin 201 will get a full grade bounce on their next quiz in the name of Kathleen and Latin 398.

Somehow, I can’t quite manage to properly express my delight at helping out one of my favorite groups of people in the whole wide world!  The perfect end to a hectic day…



  1. Olivia said,

    do you have the Bodoni MT font? That one is pretty small. Or Garamond. 😀

  2. tex said,

    these frat boys should seek you out and kiss the ground you walk on…

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