Feral Cats and Other Observations

November 20, 2008 at 9:02 pm (Blogs, Friends, Holidays, Rants, School, UR)

  • There are feral cats on campus, and one ran across my path the other night when I was walking back from the library, scaring me half to death!  For those of you who are superstitious, no, it was not a black cat.  I had seen them on the R side of campus, but not the W side before.  It makes me want an apartment with my own kitties even more.  And Olivia is not helping in that regard 😉
  • Tonight was Thanksgiving at d-hall!  All the tables had yellow and green tablecloths with carnations in vases on some of them.  It looked very nice.  And they totally went all-out with the food.  The stuffing and mashed potatoes were so much better than they normally are!  And they had the proper cranberry jelly – straight out of the can, none of that stuff with real cranberries!
  • Now that I have my old computer back with its new hard drive and have taken all my music from my ipod and put it on the new hard drive, I am now faced with the overwhelming task of recreating my playlists to my best ability, which will take months!  Not to mention building up my play counts, so my Top 25 Played playlist accurately represents the music that I listen to the most.  With 4,198 songs, making sure the playcounts are semi-accurate will take at least a year of listening to music as much as possible, which I do anyway, but still.  Did I mention this is the third time I’ve had to endure my play counts being reset?  Imagine what the playcounts for certain songs would be if they were completely accurate!
  • Yesterday, while crossing the commons to go to the Writing Center for work, I noticed people taping pieces of paper to the floor and doors.  Being the nosy/inquisitive person that I am, I took note of what they were advertising for, and made sure to write down the URL written on the papers.  It turns out that there is a new UR blog out there all about our special coordinate system.  The blog is called Mind the Gap, which I think is a perfectly lovely title!  I’m interested to see what people say if/when more people discover it and feel like inputing their thoughts.  I’m still pondering some of the questions myself.  It’s an interesting endeavour that I look forward to following.  Any thoughts from my fellow compatriots abroad (or domestic), either now or always without a coordinate system?
  • A certain study-abroader-who-shall-not-be-named has introduced me to Zilch, a slightly-addicting dice game, sort of like a twisted Yahtzee.  Addicting, that is, until you get so annoyed that you almost throw your computer across the room in frustration…
  • I keep wanting to change the layout of my room, but it’s never clean enough and el boyo isn’t around enough to actually do anything with it.  And some of my plans make it simply too symmetric.  The room just doesn’t accomodate too many changes.  Though I am considering bunking beds.  Though then I would need to get some sort of armchair/loveseat in here to sit on when I don’t want to be sitting at my desk or in bed…  Thoughts, roomie?
  • I got a key to the DSL today!  Which means that I can actually do work when they’re not there/have accidentally locked me out when they go to a big lunch meeting without telling me.  It’s amazing how powerful you feel when you have just one more key on your ring!
  • Oh, and next week is Thanksgiving, which means 2 days of classes next week + one week of classes after the break + a week and a half of exams = Christmas break!  AHHHHHHH


  1. Olivia said,

    OMG I’m sooooo addicted to Zilch it’s not funny.

    Have you tried blocks with letters on? http://www.kongregate.com/games/Morpheme/blocks-with-letters-on (it’s a word puzzle game–anagrams AND maze-type things)

    (Oh and the cats say ‘hi’ by the way…both of them have tried walking over the keyboard whilst I type.)

    And PS it’s SOO scary how little time is left until Xmas!

  2. Britt said,

    I am not sleeping on a bunk bed, so, if Ryan wants to take it down again in January 😛

  3. Kathleen said,

    @Olivia – thank you so much for providing me with another addicting game on the day that I have two papers to write! But at least say hi back to the kitties for me, and maybe I’ll be able to actually see them this week!!!

    @Britt – ok, no bunk beds. I’m still trying to figure out a good configuration though. We might be moving some furniture around our first day back…

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