Still No Computer

November 16, 2008 at 2:38 pm (Rants)

Three weeks ago, I had to take my computer to the help desk because I was getting the blue screen of death and then my computer would turn off.  They fixed it in about an hour!

Two weeks ago, the backlight to my computer died, so I took it back to the help desk, who then told me that because it was a hardware issue, I had to take it across the hall to the other people who deal with that stuff.  So I did, and they had my new backlight installed in a few days.

A week ago, when I tried to turn on my computer, I was told that a certain file was either corrupt or missing, and thus my computer could not start.  So I took it to the help desk, where they recognized me.  They said it would probably be ready the next day.  Except then I get a call later telling me that they weren’t able to reinstall the file and my hard drive was making grinding sounds and I needed to get it replaced, which again meant taking it across the hall to Attronica.  Where it had been for over a week.  The dude there and I have become good friends, considering the number of times that I have been there checking on my computer.  Which he said would be ready on Thursday.  Then Friday morning.  Then Friday afternoon.  Then Friday night.  But I never got the call saying to come and pick it up.  So now I have to wait for them to open on Monday.  Grrr.


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