November 4, 2008 at 11:20 pm (Death, Family, Friends)

They say bad things come in threes:

  1. El boyo’s grandmother died on Sunday.
  2. My great-grandmother, with whom I was actually quite close, died this morning.
  3. Obama was just announced president.  Granted, this isn’t terrible.  I actually like Obama as a person, I just don’t agree with most of his politics.

Forgive me if I don’t feel particularly verbose right now.



  1. Grace said,

    aw hon! That’s not good! If you need anything let me know! (hug)

  2. Olivia said,

    aw sweetie, I’m sorry *hugs*

  3. Kathleen said,

    Thank you guys!

  4. tex said,

    I hope you and “el boyo”/ grizzle are doing ok; know that when you see me next expect more of a tackle than a hug…

  5. Monster Librarian said,

    Sorry to hear about your great grandmother. 😦

  6. Kathleen said,

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts! I really appreciate it!

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