There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom!

October 26, 2008 at 1:11 pm (UR)

(Thank you, Louis Sacher)

In the last month or so, I have noticed a strange yet persistent phenomenon: each weekend, NoCo morphs from an all-girls dorm to a coed one.  Come Monday, there is no longer any trace of this, yet come Friday night, it persists.  There are boys leaving our toilet seats up, brushing their teeth in our sinks, coming out of our showers, and, ahem, being heard in the hallways.

This has been a public service announcement for those returning to NoCo next semester.



  1. Britt said,

    Ok, you can’t go around leaving toilet seats up in a girl’s dorm! No!

  2. tex said,

    Can I just say that it’s just too funny? I mean, we encountered a bit of this last year, but showers? Seriously? I just have to laugh….

  3. Ryan said,

    it just teaches women to be aware of there surroundings..hone those ninja senses

  4. Ryan said,


  5. Kathleen said,

    @ Britt: I quite agree! I am seriously considering posting some sort of signage reminding them that this is a girls’ dorm. I’m also hoping to be submitted to 😀

    @ tex: It is slightly amusing to see them scurry out of the showers with their heads down, hoping no one will notice/comment

    @ Ryan: Shush! No one should have to be a ninja in their own home!

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