Computer Woes

October 25, 2008 at 5:10 pm (Rants, School) (, , )

Yesterday morning, I start up my computer as usual and a message pops up saying I need to update my Windows Anti-virus software to the 2009 version.  Accustomed to update messages popping up every single time I turn on my computer, I click to install it, all the while mocking Windows for having a typo in their update message.  As it installs and comes up, I start to feel like there may be something wrong, so I hop onto the internet, type in the name of the program to my Google search bar, and check out the results.

Every. Single. Result. Is how to remove this thing from your computer.


Immediately, I go into overdrive, cursing myself for being so stupid as to install a virus on my computer.  I click on the first website, but it brings me to some random site with lots of ads.  So I go to the next search result.  And the next.  And the next.  All are links to spam/porn sites!  I know that this can’t be right, so I go back to the Google search results, actually copy the actual URL, and paste that into my address bar.  Finally, I go to a legitimate site.  With lots of instructions.  Which I attempt to follow.  But can’t.  Oh, and when I went to the Control Panel, and then “Add/Remove Programs” and then tried to remove it, all it told me was that I had already installed it.  Lovely.

Since the instructions I had found on the site didn’t work, I finally realized that I actually have real anti-virus software on my computer (thank you UR!), so I run both Sophos and Windows Defender while I head off to class.  And when I return from my first two classes of the day, it looks like everything is fine.


I get the blue screen of death.

Which restarts my computer.

Which gives me the blue screen of death again.

Which restarts my computer.

Oh, and did I mention that I had planned to use this time to study for a huge art history test that afternoon that I knew I wasn’t going to do very well on?

Finally, I just have to go to my test, so I go, it’s not as bad as I feared, and then I return to my room, and head off to the Help Desk.

I am at the Help Desk for about an hour and a half.  And they discover that the reason I had been getting the blue screen of death is because my computer doesn’t think it has enough space to perform any operations.  Now, this has been a bit of an issue for about 2 years now.  As I told them, I had tried everything I knew of to try to correct this problem, including defragging, removing all large files from my hard drive, not allotting much space to temporary files, etc.  They discovered, however, that all that space that should be free was being taken up by back-up files of my computer.  Which were being stored on the same hard-drive as the rest of my stuff.  Which meant that if my hard drive crashed, and I needed those files, they would be lost along with everything else.  And thus were completely useless.

So, they went ahead and deleted all the backups (which, by the way, were all from 2007, since my computer hadn’t had enough room to create a new backup since then).  And they turned off the program that would have kept creating new backups, thus reversing all our hard work.

Eureka!  Suddenly, I had 40% free space on my hard drive, where I had been living with about 2% for months now!  Fabulous!

And, they installed an extra anti-spyware program on my computer to catch all the other little pieces of that virus that Sophos and Windows Defender may have missed.

And they gave me a little screw to stop a certain piece of my computer from falling out since the cover to it had fallen off ages ago!

I was so happy that all of my problems had been fixed!

…Until today, of course.

Today, I am enjoying some quality downtime with my computer when the screen goes black.  So I turn it off and restart it, and all seems fine.  Until it goes black again.  So I restart again.  And it goes black again.  I discover that it goes black about a minute after I start it up.  And I can still see some shapes of my background, so it’s not like it’s dead or anything.  I mean, it’s still on, but the back light or something is going wacky.  So now I can’t use my computer.  Unless (hopefully) I hook it up to another monitor, which I’m going to try tonight, though I’m not sure where or how (el boyo suggested this, so I’m leaving it up to him to figure out logistics).

So now, I am stuck with using library computers for at least the rest of the weekend.  And did I mention that I was planning on finishing my education research paper this weekend?  Which is still on my computer.  Which I can’t access.

And this is only a small portion of why my life sucks right now.  Cheers!


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