Not-So-Fun Adventures in Laundry Land

October 8, 2008 at 9:25 pm (Rants) ()

Seeing as how I was running out of clean clothes like any good college student, I finally decided to do laundry at some point this week.  Fortunately for my laundry’s sake, I have a Latin midterm tomorrow, and thus will jump at any opportunity to procrastinate and/or distract myself.  Thus, it was determined that today would be laundry day.

So I gather all my clothes, etc, that need washing and head on down three floors to the laundry room in the basement.  Good news: no more going outside to get to the laundry!  Bad news: 3 flights of stairs vs one.

Whilst descending aformentioned stairs, I hear voices coming from the laundry room, striking terror in my heart: the laundry room status thingy said there were 4 machines open!  I hope these girls don’t steal them from me!  Fortunately, only one was doing laundry, while the other was there for moral support of some sort.  Thus, I still had 2 machines at my disposal (I needed three, but 2 would be fine for now, since that third load would give me more procrastination excuses!).

After loading my laundry (and actually remembering to add detergent before I chose my options!), I head over to the nifty machine that reads your card and starts the machines, since quarter-operated machines are so passé.  However…

Houston, we have a problem!

The first time I swiped my card, it said “Insufficient funds”.  Well, Mr. Machine, this is a service included in tuition, so there is no way I have “insufficient funds”!  Plus, even if the machine did start taking money from the cards over the summer, I would still have enough funds to get 2 loads of laundry done!  Grrr.

The second time I swiped my card, it said “Network error”.  Well, that’s just lovely, I thought.  Fortunately, the aforementioned girls were still there, so I asked one of them to try it, hoping that it wasn’t just my card that the machine hated.  It was.

In the end, I had to ask the girl who was also doing laundry to swipe her card to start my machines.  I guess I’ll need P’s help when I move my wet clothes to the dryer and need to swipe again.  Which means going outside to get to her section of the dorm.  Which nullifies all of the perks listed above.  :sigh:


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