New Faces 2008

October 6, 2008 at 9:20 pm (Theater)

Having gone to New Faces for the last two years, and of course being a dedicated patron of the arts at UR, I made the time to attend New Faces this year.  Unfortunately, unlike the previous years, I did not know anyone in the plays except for the one junior in it (Glenn, for those of you abroad).  It was still a pretty enjoyable experience, though in my opinion not as good as before.

The portions that were one-act plays were actually better than previous years, but unfortunately the musical sections, usually the better scenes, were quite weak.  And this is the musical year.  I mean, the girls singing weren’t too bad, but they couldn’t project, and of course the musical directiors chose songs that required belting.  Not exactly a good mix.  The dancing was well choreographed, but needed some help with the execution, though I completely appreciate the difficulty in trying to get a group of girls to learn 4 complex and unique dances.  So I’ll be interested to see how the musical turns out, especially since it has a fairly big cast (judging from the movie, at least (which I need to watch again at some point (unless I decide that will negatively affect me when I work on the musical))).

As I mentioned, the one-acts were quite good.  Each was funny and well done, and everyone, actors and audience alike, were obviously enjoying themselves.  I think this is a testament to both the new crop of actors and the directors.  And the plays that were chosen.  One was actually the world premiere, as strange as that sounds!  And it was really good, though the end was a bit weak, which is the fault of the script, not the actors or the director.

All in all, New Faces was slightly disappointing.  And Walter wants me to be a part of it next year.  We shall see…



  1. tex said,

    what musical is going to be produced this year?

  2. Kathleen said,

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