Why Living in a Single is a Bad Idea for Me

October 2, 2008 at 7:45 pm (Friends, Oops)

As of tonight, I have locked myself out of my room twice.  Before this year, I had never locked myself out of my room (and had to find an RA to let me back in).  This is not counting the time when bad roomie freshman year locked me out when I was in the lounge and she left for class, walking right by me and even saying hi, never realizing that I might not have my key considering I was about 20 feet from our door.  Sorry, sore subject.

Anyway, this is why it’s a bad thing for me to be without a roomie.  I need someone to have access to my room and who I know personally so they can let me in when I forget and I won’t have to wander around to all of the various RAs in NoCo and get more exercise than is good for me.  So this is a plea for roomie abroad:  come back!  I need you!



  1. tb4me2000 said,

    Haha. Sorry dear! Couple more months!

  2. Kathleen said,

    A couple excruciating more months 😦


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