Why I Love a Certain English Professor

September 26, 2008 at 3:03 pm (Happy, Homework, School)

My professor for Victorian Fantasy is amazing.  First, who wouldn’t love someone who teaches a class on Victorian Fantasy?  I mean, seriously!  Second, she’s currently writing a paper on the Twilight series.  Which means she’s currently rereading the whole series.  Which means she doesn’t have time to grade our weekly response papers.  Which brings me to the third reason I love her: since she was unable to finish grading our weekly response papers from this last week, then she doesn’t feel like she can rightfully expect us to do one for the following week.  And she’s not planning on telling the people who weren’t in class today this little tidbit.  She’s letting us tell them if we happen to see them or something.  Happiness!

Oh, and I love her because she’s an excellent teacher and we have some really good class discussions and all that, but the above reasons are why she goes above and beyond my normal adoration for my amazing professors.



  1. tb4me2000 said,

    I told you so! She rocks!

  2. tex said,

    she’s writing a paper on the Twilight series? really??? oh btw, i’m so bringing my copies back with me when i get to campus…. life without them is getting kinda hard… seeing as how they helped me survive camp….

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