Contests Galore!

September 26, 2008 at 8:17 pm (Blogs, Friends) (, , )

Just in case any of you are looking for a new laptop, there are 15 blogs giving away HP notebooks.  I’m afraid my poor laptop is going to die any day, as it seems to start up slower and slower everyday (I think it was about 10 minutes this morning before I could use it for anything…), so I’m planning on entering all of them (if possible, like they aren’t limited to business majors or something stupid like that).  While I don’t want the competition, I feel it’s only right that I share the opportunity with all you lovely people 😀

So here’s the list of sites, along with the start date of each contest.  All the contests end one week after they open.

Most of these blogs (actually, probably all of them) were chosen because they have thousands of readers (I’m not kidding – check out their feed stats!), so it’s probably a very slim chance that I’ll win, but hey, it’s worth a try.  If you go out for one – good luck!

PS I think this is my good deed for the month 😛


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  1. Jessica Mah said,

    Hey there!

    Nice post! The good thing about this contest is that people have the chance to win 15 times over… and some blogs will have contests easier than the others, so it helps to just surf around.

    Keep up the blogging,

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