Boiling Blood

September 25, 2008 at 9:28 am (Rants, School)

Recently, there have been a few things that have really annoyed me, and I thought I’d share them with you fine people and get them out of my system!  Fun times had by all!

  • Last week, the Collegian had some frantic posts in the daily school email seeking someone to help with circulation.  It was only one day a week, and I figured it could be fun, so I emailed the girl who was apparently in charge of this, offering to help out.  She emailed me back almost immediately asking when I could meet with her the next day since they were desperate to find someone, so I responded with the times I was free.  Two days later, the day the newspaper goes out, having not heard back from this girl, I email her asking what’s going on and if she wants me to meet her somewhere and help out with distributing the paper around campus.  She responds – the next day – telling me that they had hired someone – the day after I contacted them!  The tone of the email was such that I was apparently expected to know that they had obviously hired someone else, and I was stupid for even asking if I could help out.  Grrrrr
  • The landscaping people at this University apparently have nothing better to do between the hours on 8am and 10am but use extremely loud landscaping devices in the courtyard of my dorm.  I need sleep, people.
  • The girls who live next door to me are big fans of starting the weekend on Thursday.  And occasionally yelling at each other.  At 2am.
  • Girls who use way too much smelly product in the shower while simultaneously using up all the hot water.

Ok, I’m done.  As you may have noticed, this isn’t really the rage-inducing list that you may have expected, and to be honest, the only one that makes me really really mad is the first point, but now that I’ve had this catharsis, it’s all better – right?  Ok, back to our regular happy-go-lucky programming…


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