Recent Happinesses

September 17, 2008 at 9:45 pm (Happy, Rants, Study Abroad, TV) (, , , )

Since I posted about recent irritations, I figured I needed to show y’all that life is not all bad.  Despite the massive amounts of reading I need to do for Friday in addition to the massive art history test I have on Friday.  But enough of that!  Here are some recent happinesses:

  1. I watched the Lifetime biopic on Coco Chanel and it was happy.  I mean, it was kinda depressing, but good.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and have a new appreciation for fashion.  I still think that ‘fashion’ is absolutely ridiculous what with everyone being obsessed with brand names and such, but at least I can partially appreciate it.  And Coco Chanel had amazing taste, nothing like the ugly stuff pretending to be “clothes” today.  We need another Coco Chanel to redefine fashion as pretty.
  2. El boyo and I started watching West Wing again!  Of course, we couldn’t continue where we left off last semester in Season 2, since he left that particular season at home, so instead we started on Season 3.  That show is so amazing.  I wish I marathon it all in like a week of doing nothing else, instead of only being able to watch one or two on the nights when el boyo is free.  :sigh:
  3. Lunch today was my absolute favorite d-hall meal of all time: Mandarin orange chicken!  YUM!!!  One of the few times I wish that they served the same thing for both lunch and dinner.  Dinner was very sad indeed.  But lunch was fantastic!!!  (Except for the continual lack of chocolate offerings at Dolce Vita…)
  4. Ran into my Vienna professor from last semester.  I’ve stopped by her office on a few occasions while in the vicinity, but she hasn’t been there, so I had not had the chance to tell her I was back on campus.  Today, however, we ran into each other twice!  The first time, I was late to class and could only say, “I’ll talk to you later!” in response to her stunned “what are you doing here?”.  The second time, however, we were able to talk for about 15 minutes.  And she was so supportive!  I was kinda worried about what she’d say about my returning, but she was actually one of the more understanding people I’ve talked to about this.  Much happiness.  And she wants my help for technology-stuffings.  Yey!

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