Recent Irritations

September 15, 2008 at 11:13 pm (Rants, School)

  1. I am sick.  And it’s not even a consistent sick.  Saturday, I was utterly miserable all day.  Sunday, I felt amazingly better until the evening.  Monday, today, I still felt icky, but not enough to keep me from class.  And it’s not like I look miserable like with a cold or something.  It’s all just me feeling weak and blah.  So people don’t know to avoid me.  Sadness.
  2. Ran into a certain boy who dated a certain roomie walking to d-hall today.  Never really liked the kid.  Still really don’t like him.  Happy they broke up.  Can completely understand why.  Boy is rude, to put it simply.
  3. Website necessary to complete Latin homework is not working.  Their network is overloaded.  As it usually is.  But I can usually get in within a half hour of hitting refresh.  But not tonight!  Lucky me.
  4. Have ‘couch’ (aka study-abroading-roomie’s-bed-with-copious-pillows-to-create-back-against-wall) in room set up, been using it often.  Not very cushy.  My butt hurts.
  5. Air conditioning in room isn’t exactly working.  I know, I’m the last person who should be complaining about this, but when it’s 90 degrees outside during the day, and mid-70s at night, A/C helps a person who needs cold get to sleep.  Especially when said person is sick.  However, despite the A/C being on high all day, the room is only a few degrees cooler than the outdoors, not freezing cold like it is supposed to be.  This does not bode well for the winter…


  1. tb4me2000 said,

    Aww. Poor dear! I’m sorry about your lunch encounter, though the way you worded it amused be greatly. And I’m fairly sure I’m right about who this particular individual is… And boo about the couch and your bum! If you want to road trip up to NJ, you can go get my feather bad and make it squishy. It’s only 299 miles.

  2. Kathleen said,

    I’m fairly sure you’re right about this individual as well. Truly unfortunate he’s suite-ing with el boyo. And if I get a car, I may take you up… 😉

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    […] pm (Happy, Rants, Study Abroad, TV) (Coco Chanel, fashion, food, West Wing) Since I posted about recent irritations, I figured I needed to show y’all that life is not all bad.  Despite the massive amounts of […]

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