Lessons In Returning

September 4, 2008 at 12:35 am (Rants, School, UR)

Returning to UR for the semester has been a very edifying experience.  For example, in the past 3 days, I have learned the following:

  • UR employs interior designers on a full-time basis rather than use them as consultants whenever they have a new building or something.
  • Said interior designers like accent walls.
  • Said interior designers like accent walls that are only a few shades darker than the rest of the walls, rather than a totally different color, which I kinda thought was the point of an accent wall.
  • Said interior designers don’t like when a professor puts a tree in his office even when the design is supposed to be ‘nature’.
  • The only good thing said designers have done, apparently, is paint over the horrendous pink doors in my dorm.

OK, moving past the designers…

  • The university is trying really hard to be more handicapped-accessible, which means new ramps have popped up all over campus.  Including a MAJOR one to the second story of a boys dorm that housed freshmen last year, and now houses upperclassmen (I’ll post pictures once I remember to bring my camera on a tour of campus).
  • You would not believe how much is done in the first week of classes.  Seriously.  In particular, it’s very hard to find a job on campus after the first week.  Not cool.
  • Executive types don’t like to answer their email promptly.
  • I have two bathrooms exactly equi-distant from my room.  Seriously, I counted the steps.  37 to each.
  • Catching up on the homework for the first week of class isn’t that bad.  Even if you’re catching up on the work from four different classes.

And the number one thing I have learned thus far is that people here are stupid.  I am taking three 300-level classes this semester.  This means that the people who are in them should be interested in the subject area, and won’t be taking it just to fill a requirement or fill up a schedule.  These people are supposed to be intelligent and engaged.  Especially since it is the beginning of the semester – you can’t be burned out yet!  And yet, I am continually disappointed by my fellow students.  Even ones who seem to be engaged can be heard after class commenting on how stupid/ridiculous/annoying that class was.  And thus they are tarnished forever in my mind.  If you don’t want to take the class, take another.  Go somewhere else.  Seriously.



  1. tex said,

    i’m so amused by the fact that you went ahead and counted the steps from your double to the bathroom; too funny… where’s this huge ramp to GC 2nd floor???? hopefully not close to the WL side of the building…

  2. More Lessons Learned « Save Me From the Cold said,

    […] September 5, 2008 at 8:40 am (School) To continue my list from yesterday: […]

  3. Kathleen said,

    Yea, I’m special. And the ramp is over the path that you can use as an alternate to the hill from d-hall to get to NoCo. I’ll take my camera traveling with me today, I promise

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