In London!

August 23, 2008 at 12:58 pm (Study Abroad) (, , , , )

I arrived in London at 7:15am local time (2:15am EST) and was able to lug my heavy, heavy (I think I overpacked!) luggage to the meeting place in Paddington station and was even able to use a pay phone to call my uncle to pick me up!  See how independant I am already?  Y’all should be truly proud.

Anyway, the flight was not too bad (though the food was).  My seatmate was an Italian woman who lives in the States and was flying to Syria to visit some family.  She was really chatty, but nice.  I had to show her how to use the remote control thingy for the seat-back TV a couple of times.  Meanwhile, I watched Iron Man, though I didn’t think it was that great.  By the time the movie ended, all the lights in the cabin had been turned off and my Dramamine was kicking in, so I tossed and turned for about 2 hours, though I did get some sleep.  Though of course when I finally found my best position, I was awakened by the lights turning back on about 20 minutes later 😦

I took an hour nap this afternoon before heading out to Camden with my aunt, uncle, and cousin Claire for lunch and a little shopping.  Despite the massive amount of people there at any given time, I really like Camden and could spend hours there browsing and stopping myself from splurging.  Fortunately for my wallet, I have no room for anything else in my bags currently, so I couldn’t buy anything today, though I found some absolutely fantastic dresses! 

After this little foray, we returned home, where I discovered that my laptop and my uncle’s network do not like each other, and so I am unable to use Skype to call home as I had planned.  I was able to call my family on my uncle’s cell, but el boyo shall have to wait until Monday when I move into my dorm.

Speaking of the dorm, I just went onto Facebook and saw that the other girl on my program (who arrived a few days ago), had posted some pictures of her dorm.  Granted, she’s in a different dorm, but at least it gives me some idea of what to expect.  I promise I’ll take pictures of my dorm when I get there.  And of everything else 😀

That’s all the news I have for now!  I’m sure another loooong post will be coming as soon as I move in, so stay tuned!


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