Yet Another List of Bulleted Updates…

August 20, 2008 at 1:10 am (Books, Family, News articles, Rants, Study Abroad, Summer) (, , , , , )

  • The weather today was crazy.  Most of the morning, it rained like crazy, and then the sun finally came out, but the wind stayed, and the tree outside my window was waving so violently that it looked like i had a strobe light in my room.
  • Started packing today.  Essentially finished packing my clothes except for what I’m using between now and Friday.  Filled my big duffel with a bit of room to spare.  Still have my rolling duffel to fill with other stuff.  Having two huge suitcases sitting on my floor where I have to see them every day is a weird constant reminder.
  • Went into Boston to visit my aunt and uncle and their two kids today before I head off to France.  It’s always interesting to hear my parents describe how el boyo’s visit went, since it’s the only way I get a straight answer out of them since I’m not about to ask them about it.  But at least all of their answers have been positive.   My aunt is really disappointed that she has yet to meet el boyo.  In other news, we had some really interesting, intelligent conversation over the dinner table.  My new nickname is Jeeves, as in Ask Jeeves, as in I can answer any question posed to me through logic and it thus seems like I know everything in the world.
  • Had to unsubscribe from one of my blogs that was looking really promising.  They have done the unforgivable.  They insulted one of my favorite books of all time, one of the few books that I always can turn to and know I’ll enjoy even though I’ve basically memorized it.  And they even suggested that people go see the movie if they must know what it’s about even though the movie and book are totally different!  It is utterly infuriating!  Especially since they admitted that they didn’t even finish the book and yet are condemning it!  I can’t stand people like this.  My chest is tightening in rage even as I type this though this occurred over an hour ago.  ARRRRG
  • In happier news, The Augusta Chronicle published an article about my great-grandmother, Genie, as she reflects on living 100 years.  Great article, though it only begins to show the eccentric essence that is the fantastic matriarch of my mother’s family.  :sigh:  Gotta love her. 😀

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