Last Day of Work

August 15, 2008 at 3:28 pm (Happy, Summer, Work) (, , , , , , )

I went into work this morning at 9am, per usual, and sat down to finish up some work I had taken home with me yesterday since I had to leave early to get my passport.  Finishing those, I went to find some more pages for me to read (our organization system consists of stacks of paper on the floor of my boss’s office, each labelled with a sticky note saying what it is).  Unable to find anything I had yet to put my personal touch on, I turned to my boss to seek direction.  Imagine my surprise when she said I was free to go home and should I desire a job next summer, she’d see me then, otherwise to have fun in France!  Thus, an hour and a half after I arrived at work for my last day, I was outta there!

The upside to this is obvious in that I got to leave early and enjoy some fun free time.  The downside, however, is that I finally got around to downloading some more podcasts (more on my new obsession later) and didn’t get the chance to listen to them, and don’t know when else I’ll have the motivation to do so.  Eh.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I feel like I should share some of the more interesting factoids gleaned from months of intensive reading:

  • At least five different colleges around the United States offer mobile home parks for their students.
  • A few universities prohibit profane language, gambling, and social dancing, not to mention cohabitation and destructive behavior!
  • One college has a fruitcake and jelly kitchen on campus
  • Anyone up for a visit to the tractor museum?
  • I totally would try to get labeled as learning disabled if I could go to the school that offers a therapy dog!
  • Who says your major doesn’t matter?  At one school, certain majors have to undergo random drug testing, cause who wants a doped up philosophy major?  Oh wait, that’s all of them… 😀
  • And of course who wouldn’t want to join the Kindred Spirits Society (for vampire enthusiasts – anyone else remembering the Buffy episode?  Jillian should be so proud of me!)

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  1. el-boyo said,

    That is what school needs to add motor homes..trash them , burn them and might be cheaper then continually repairing grey court? Do you remember is that school in tornado alley?

    What majors do they test and why are you a part of it? 😀

    What is the Kindred Sprit Society?

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