Thursday Update

August 14, 2008 at 10:37 pm (French, Study Abroad, Summer)

Well, it’s final.  Now I really have to go to France next semester.  No chance of getting out of it now.  No beauracracy giving me an excuse to back gracefully out of this extremely terrifying adventure with no blame on my shoulders.  Yes, today I got my visa.

Considering what I had to go through to get it, I was shocked to be able to simply waltz into the French consulate this afternoon and receive it within seconds.  Iz pretty.  And allows for multiple entries between next Friday and Feb 22, 2009.  So Europe, here I come!  And maybe I’ll skip out on Ring Dance and spend that weekend in belle Paris instead 😀  Except now I have to start packing.  And freaking out.  And buying converters and such.  And freaking out.  And saying goodbye to friends.  And freaking out.  And relearning French.  And freaking out.  Oh, and freaking out.  Did I mention freaking out?

Ok, attempting to calm down (though fair warning: expect to see many such hyper-ventilating posts in the next week, dear readers).  Tomorrow is my last day of work.  Speaking of which, I brought some home with me, so I need to go work on that instead of continuing this post as planned, so au revoir, mes amis!


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