I’m In LOVE!!!

August 10, 2008 at 5:59 pm (Happy) (, , , )

Yes, el boyo left today, but no that’s not what this post is about (sorry!) (though I shall wax poetical-ish about that later.  Maybe).

No, this post is about the most fantastic store ever!  It’s called Living Victorian and sells embossers and personalized seals!  Where has this store been all my life?  I mean, look at the following pictures and just try to tell me that you’re not salivating:

I’ve never really been a fan of those stickers that people put in books to show that they own them, so this is the perfect solution for my hugemongous library!

I’ve always wanted a personalized seal, but all the ones I found were pretty cheap ones, but looky here!  This is the real shame about emails: it’s so hard to find excuses to use gorgeous stationary and personalized seals!

I came across this heavenly place while reading a thread filled with my own kind on the Chronicle forums.  :sigh:  Yes, I read all 22 pages of posts about love for office supplies.  It is SO worth it 😀  Such bliss….


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