Boys Will Be Boys…

July 7, 2008 at 4:28 pm (Summer, Work) (, , , , , , )

I had the *pleasure* of working in the Children’s Room at the library this afternoon (and again tonight for 4 hours).  During this time, a large-ish group of kids and counselors from a nearby community day camp came tramping in and took over the entire room.  Meanwhile, I was going around searching for missing books while they kept pulling more and more off the shelves.  Have I mentioned how much I disliked working in the Children’s Room when paging, since most of the books were out of order and practically impossible to put back in order, and that was basically an exercise in fultility anyway, since within a week, everything is messed up again anyway.  /rant

So, back to my original point, as I was wandering around the Children’s Room, I happened to notice a small group of boys, aged maybe 7-12, crowded around a chair, but there was no one reading aloud, as with all the other groups scattered around the room.  Oh, they had a picture book alright, but it wasn’t exactly one targeted at their age or gender.  Nope, these boys had found a copy of Seventeen magazine.  :sigh:  I’m scared to think what they might take away from that sort of trash.  It worries me when girls read it, but boys?  So many things go wrong.  I am just so against those sorts of trashy magazines that tell girls that they are ugly and fat and need to be intimately knowledgeable about sex by their mid-teens.


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  1. monster librarian said,

    Woot woot. I hate those trashy mags.

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