Tales of Woe From the Library

June 17, 2008 at 11:54 pm (Concord, Rants, Summer, Work) (, , , , )

Today I had the immeasurable pleasure of spending three. full. hours. taking that plastic stuff (and the security stickers) off new DVDs and CDS.  DVDs aren’t so bad because with an exacto knife, you can slice right through the plastic and the sticker in one fell swoop, and everything comes off neatly without trouble or residue.

CDs on the other hand are the new bane of my existence.  To take the plastic off, you must first find somewhere to get a hold on since there is nowhere to make a nice simple slice with the exacto knife.  Be careful not to be so exuberent in your tearing off of the plastic that you crack the case itself, as I did with at least two cases (that I noticed).  Once you have removed the first layer of plastic, you must now grapple with that stupid plastic sticker that covers 80% of the top of the case.  Unlike the ones on DVD cases, these do not like to come off as one whole piece, but rather as about 20, each more irritating than the last.  But even if you manage to get the sticker off without chucking the whole thing across the room, 9 times out of 10 there will be sticky residue left behind.  All in all, the record companies have no idea how to package their CDs.  I wish I could say thank goodness for digital music, but considering that’s a bit hard to lend out for a week or two at a time, I fear the library will continue to buy and lend out CDs.

My other tale of woe comes from two days ago.  This is exam week at the local high school, so the library, which is normally closed on Sundays in the summer, opens its doors from 10am to 10pm for all high school students (and any other patrons who wander in – we’re not going to turn people away!).  Since this is a break from the normal schedule, the library has parent volunteers manning the desks and such, but, for the circulation desk, where knowledge of the computer system is necessary, they need someone with some experience to help out, which is where I come in.  I got to spend 10 hours at the library on Sunday, and got a nice chunk of my book read in the process (and I got to meet some adorable kids with their fathers – it was Father’s Day after all!).

To keep busy when I simply couldn’t stand sitting on my bum in a slightly uncomfortable chair anymore and there were no patrons in sight, I would check in books and file them for shelving.  This is where the woe comes in.  Remember Roald Dahl, beloved author of such classics as Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and of course the BFG (among many others)?  Well, guess what?  He wrote “filthy” novels (that’s the adjective I remember from the book cover) for adults as well.  I have no issues with people writing those sorts of books, but for a well-known author of children’s books?  Maybe I’m just a prude, but I think that’s just wrong.  At least use a pen name!  What if some kid was searching for Roald Dahl books and came across one of his adult ones and, not knowing any better, started reading?  That’s absolutely something I would have done!  :sigh:  What is the world coming to when you can’t even trust favorite childhood authors to have moral standards?


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