Librarian Burglars

June 1, 2008 at 11:23 pm (Concord, Family, Happy, Summer, Work)

Tonight I went to the library with my mom to finish up some work.  As I may have mentioned earlier, I have been working for the past week as the library’s processor since the normal processor is on vacation and there was a serious backlog.  I find it really fun since a) I get to do something with my life besides stalk Craigslist for jobs b) I get to work with my hands and mind, since the job requires a lot of attention to detail and c) I get to work with books and get first dibs on any new books that come in 😀

Anyway, to get back to my main point, the normal processor is coming back this week, but I had just a few more books that I had promised to cover last week but never got around to, so tonight, my mom and I went to the library to finish it up.  The library was closed, but my mom has a key, so it’s all good.

Or was it?

In the midst of my groove of recovering a few books, I hear a voice coming down the hall, “Hello?  Anyone there?  Hello?”  Assuming it was another of my mother’s co-workers, I answered, “Hello!” along with my mother.  After a few of these Marco-Polo responses, the mysterious voice’s body comes sauntering into the workspace and instead of a librarian, it is the town’s K-9 officer who I knew from a self-defense class ages ago (and she is so nice and amazing – as is her dog!).  The police officer tells us that someone called the police to report that the side door to the library was open.  I direct her to my mother who explains that we work here and make our own hours, so we came in a while ago and the door was shut then, and we shut it behind us.  Of course, the library director has been called by this time and is on her way over, so my mom tries to call her to tell her that everything is fine, but cannot reach her.  The police officer chats with us and looks around a bit more to check on everything, and then heads out while my mom goes upstairs to wait for the director.  The director is a bit late in getting to the library, so my mom just leaves her a note and comes back downstairs to do some work.

Finally, the director comes, and joins us downstairs and is completely fine with the whole thing, and then just starts chatting with us about the backlog that I am working on and what caused it and all that jazz.  And then I get offered the chance to keep working on the backlog even though the regular processor is coming back, since it’s obvious that she won’t be able to get ahead of it since it’s kinda her fault it was created in the first place!  So yey!  I still have something to do for at least another week!

So just call me the Librarian Burglar, breaking into libraries to work on their backlogs of work! 😀


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