Sobering Thought

May 12, 2008 at 9:19 pm (Drinking, Friends, Summer, Uncategorized)

I went back to the library where I used to work today both to say hi and to check out the books with my friend G. One of the women I used to work with, E, has a son, Z, who graduated from high school with G and me and is currently attending Daniel Webster College for some sort of aviation/military thing. Z is going to turn 21 soon, and he was going to go out with some buddies from school, including one guy who just got back from his second tour in Iraq. The thing is, Z’s friend is only 20. Can you imagine? Turning 21 and have friends who are younger than you and have already been to Iraq for extended periods of time fighting – twice!? Turning 21 and still not being able to buy your friend who just got back from 2 tours in Iraq a drink? It makes you feel old and young and useless and whatever all at the same time…



  1. You kNow WHO said,

    I agree. the thing is it really isn’t strange, I have 3 friends from high school. Two have done two tours, one is waiting for a boyfriend whose had 2 tours in 2.5 years It’s a sucky world . Glad your friend friend got back ok

  2. Kathleen said,

    I guess I never imagined anyone my age being over there, esp for so long! Young twenties, yes. Late teens, no.

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