April 24, 2008 at 3:05 pm (Rants, School)

Walking across campus today, I passed by a rather large tour group.  As it is a wonderfully warm day, everyone was dressed appropriately for the weather, especially the tour guide.  Or, in her case, perhaps overly so.  Actually, it’s under-ly.  The tour guide was wearing one of the shortest dresses I have ever seen, on this campus or anywhere else, except perhaps on hookers in movies, but then again, even they leave something up to the imagination.  Is it too much to ask for our tour guides, representatives of our school, to have some sort of standards for dressing?  Or is it a new tactic: come here, and sure you’ll pay a lot, but look at what you’re getting for the money!  Not only a good education but a gorgeous campus and loose women!  Yey!


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