It’s Not Carpal Tunnel…

March 5, 2008 at 5:54 pm (School, Sleep)

Last night, I started getting this weird pain in my left hand, running from the back of my hand up my forearm and stopping at my elbow.  since it doesn’t come from where my wrist connects to my palm, it’s not carpal tunnel.  It was really irritating last night as I was trying to sleep, but couldn’t until about 2am – 2 hours after I went to bed.  Today, it’s been fine, and I haven’t thought about it at all.  Until now.  When it has decided to hurt again.  Lovely.  Can’t wait to see how much sleep I’m going to get tonight, especially considering that French test I have demain matin…



  1. You know who said,

    Has it ever come back?

  2. skysong1330 said,

    The next day, yes. Since, no. (Knock on wood!)

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