Wonderful Wednesday

February 21, 2008 at 11:30 am (Happy, Homework, School)

On Wednesday nights, I have my Built Environment class which lasts for 3 hours since it’s only once a week. I have found that I never want to go to class or do the homework, but once I get there, I love it and the time passes extremely quickly. This week was no different.

The homework was to finish the first book we had been reading, The Long Emergency, and read the first 3 chapters of another book, The Ecology of Commerce. Well, The Long Emergency is a bit of a downer book, and I hadn’t actually yet bought The Ecology of Commerce book. And class was only a few hours away. And we had to email a 500-word “think piece” to the professor before class. So I cracked open The Long Emergency, and lo-and-behold! at the bottom of one of the first pages that we had to read was a statement that I strongly disagreed with. So, under the influence of a few cold medications, I decided it would be a good idea for my “think piece” to be a “rant piece”. Thus, I opened up a Word document and started writing. Three hundred-plus words later, I had run out of steam, but still needed some more. So, figuring it would be a good idea to make it at least appear as if I had the other book, I searched on Amazon for it, and they fortunately had the first 10 pages in a preview, so I read those and found something else to disagree with. So back I go to my Word document and crank out another 400 or so words, bringing together both my rants in a lovely 700+ word document. Not wanting to extend the agony any longer, I quickly sent it off to my professor with a short disclaimer about my state of mind while writing it.

Later, in class, while taking roll, the professor looks up from his grade book when he comes to my name, and smiles, and comments on how my homework had some interesting ideas that we’ll definitely want to get into later. Success! I love this man. So class continues as usual, with me participating up the wazoo, as I tend to do in this class because I find it so interesting. And I had actually brought my computer to class, which is something I never do, but decided I should for this class for one reason or another and thank goodness I did! I adored having it with me and having the ability to look up topic of discussion/dissent during the class discussion and find the information and be able to figure out the truth, etc. It was such a fabulous resource to have! I’m always afraid to bring my laptop to class for fear that I won’t pay any attention to the professor and simply hide behind it for the entire class and thus miss out on a lot, but I found that it really enhanced the class for me, since I could both use it to contribute further to the conversations as well as look up interesting companies and websites and information that were mentioned in class. It was absolutely fantastic! Granted, by the end of the class, as conversation was lagging, I found myself checking my email a few times and talking to people online simply because I was bored, but for at least 2 hours of the class, I didn’t need to recourse to these distractions! At the moment, I can’t think of any other classes that it would be a good idea for me to bring my laptop with me, as I know that in the other classes, I will be much more easily bored/distracted by my computer, even though my other classes are plenty interesting (for the most part). Maybe I’ll experiment more with bringing my laptop to class next year. And yet, I know that to best utilize it, I’ll need to take notes in a notebook rather than on paper, meaning I’ll need plenty of desk space to spread myself out on, which isn’t exactly feasible in most of my classes since we have these tiny little one-person desks that are attached to the chair that I can barely balance my notebook and one textbook on, much less a notebook, a laptop, and one or two textbooks. Gah.

Anyway, that was not the end of my fantastic class. During the first break we had (we have a break every hour so that people don’t have to sit down in the same chair for 3 hours straight), I went to the water fountain to fill up my two water bottles. On the way back to the class room, I almost ran into the professor who was on his way to the water fountain. He stopped and said, “Hey, you know, I wanted to thank you for all of your participation and energy that you bring to the class. It really means a lot.” Not knowing how to respond, I just kind of grinned goofily and walked back to class on cloud nine. It was seriously the best compliment I think I have been paid in so long. And it totally validated my entire existence at this school. It was absolutely fantastic. I was simply euphoric. I mean, just thinking and writing about it makes be so happy right now.

And then, of course, something happened to make me not so happy, but I can’t remember what at the moment, so it’s all good!


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