February 20, 2008 at 3:25 pm (School, Sleep)

Why today was a good day:

  • I finished my French test quite fast and felt really confident about it
  • Used the extra time that I would have been in French to finish my Classical Traditions paper
  • My Virtual Communities class was canceled
  • The first 3-4 pages of my Vienna paper that was due on Friday is now due on Monday
  • My Classical Traditions class was guest-taught by a really interesting professor from BU
  • I had yummy chocolate (re: So Many Reasons to Love Hershey’s)

Why today was a bad day:

  • Definitely did not get enough sleep last night
  • Even though I finished the Classical Traditions paper really fast, thus shortening the agony, I’m still not satisfied with it, considering I don’t think the last 2 pages had a single quote on them
  • Started getting strange pains in my stomach during lunch which turned almost unbearable in Classical Traditions, but has now subsided
  • Still have a 3 hour class tonight which I really don’t want to go to and still haven’t done the homework for (though I’m about to get on that – really!)
  • Am afraid the unbearable pain will come back during said 3-hour class, thus extending the agony infinitely

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