The Downsides to Spring

February 6, 2008 at 11:06 am (School, Writing Center) (, , , , )

I never thought I would be typing those words, but it’s too true.  It’s February, and the weather here has become absolutely gorgeous, rising to the 70s for the past 2 days and today.  As a result, my roommates and I have thrown open our windows, hoping to air out the room a bit and enjoy the fabulous weather.  Unfortunately, there are pretty big downsides to having the windows open and the weather warm:

1)  Smokers.  We’re on the groundfloor, windows opening to a courtyard, right next to the door outside.  As a result, all those gross people who smoke allow their smoke to waft into our room and kill us all with disgusting smelling second-hand smoke.  There should be a ban on smoking on campus.

2) Birds.  As in loud, annoying, chirping birds who decide that 5am is the perfect time to start making noise and don’t shut up all morning.  I need my sleep.  I need a shotgun.

3) Allergies.  All that wonderful pollen floating around making so many people’s lives miserable.  Including mine.  Gotta love mother nature.

4) Rooms without windows.  The Writing Center, where I work, has no windows.  None.  And yet I’m stuck in there for 2 hours at a time in prime sunshine time.   Granted, this is more of a problem with l’ecole, mais it becomes apparent in the spring/summer, so here it is.


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