My New Friend

January 29, 2008 at 5:55 pm (School, UR)

There’s a squash meeting at 6, so I came over to the squash courts right after my French drill got out at 5:30, since it wasn’t really worth going somewhere else only to have to leave again in 10 minutes or so.  Fortunately, I have internet access back here in the recesses of the “Wellness and Recreation Center” where the squash and racquetball courts are shoved (don’t get me started… I’m sure I’ll post more on this later.  It’s kind of a sore topic).

Less than 5 minutes after I sit down and turn on my computer, a police officer comes walking by, patrolling the area for anyone crazy enough to come back here and do illicit things or whatever, and we wave.  Then he asks me how I am, and I take off a headphone to be polite, and say that I’m fine and ask him how he is.  After these pleasantries he walks a few steps then asks me if I’m ok.  Puzzled, I say that I am.  He explains by waving his hand over his face, saying I looked like I was about to cry.  A little skeptically, I answer that I’m just tired.  And then we get into a brief discussion about coffee and how I must be the only one on this campus who doesn’t drink or even like coffee.  So I made a new friend 😀


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