Parlez-vous francais?

January 16, 2008 at 11:39 pm (French, School, Sleep, Study Abroad)

I made my decision today to pick up the study of the French language again today. It’s been in the back of my mind for some time now, and with study abroad fast approaching, I finally decided to do something about it.

I emailed one of the international study advisors, telling them of my situation in which I studied French for 9 years before college, and then went with Latin in college. She told me that with all those years of French, I could probably do a French study abroad program, but I would have to talk to the person in charge of France. So, still not wanting to get my hopes up, I made an appointment with the France advisor, and went to talk to her. After talking some, we discussed the few options available to me, and we then decided on a private university in Lille, with which my university just started an exchange program.

The Université catholique de Lille is in north-east France, in a prime location: 15 minutes from Belgium, 1.25 hours from Paris, 2.5 hours from London. It’s a medium sized, private university, where I would be able to live in a dorm, rather than being left on my own to live in an apartment, which I was really dreading elsewhere. They have some classes in English, so I would be able to take a mix of English and French classes. The downside to the classes is that I need to take 8-10 classes just to have enough credits for a full semester. I was struggling figuring out 4 classes elsewhere! How am I going to figure out a mix of 8-10 French and English classes? But that’s for a later spazzing session.

The end result of my meeting with the France advisor was that she was going to contact someone at the university and discuss my situation with them and see what they could work out.

So I left the meeting very happy: I could study abroad in France, as I had dreamed of for so long! Now I just needed to relearn French, since I have barely looked at in in 2 years now! And, truth be told, I wasn’t exactly an amazing French student in high school. After struggling a good deal with myself, I finally decided that I am going to take a 200-level French class here. The problem with that, however, is that it is a huge time and credit commitment: the class is held 5 days a week, plus 2 lab periods, which equals 6 credits, or as much as two other classes. The other problem is that the only available time slot is the one that is held at 8:15am, Monday-Friday. And I already have issues with sleeping when I know I need to get up at 9:30. How in the world am I going to get up at 7:30am – or earlier! – 5 days a week?

But, in the end, I have decided that it is worth it, I want to go back to French fairly badly, so I’m going to do it. And pray that I survive and can get control of my sleep issues. Wish me luck!


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