“Against Virtual Community”

January 15, 2008 at 8:19 pm (Homework, School, Thesis)

While reading an article, titled “Against Virtual Community” by Kevin Robins in The Cybercultures Reader, I came across a passage about the increase of mobility during the Enlightenment and what effect it had on the society around it, based on a piece by Dorinda Outram. “In this period, Outram argues, an increasing concern with the interior of the self became associated with a weakening sense of external reality…. And this weakening was associated, in turn, with a growing anxiety about mobility in the world” (p.230).  She goes on to comment that “Mobility was becoming linked up to escape” (p.230).  Thus, if one were to travel extensively, thanks to advancements in mobility, then one would be losing their grip on reality.  Even now, when such mobility is taken for granted, such thinking has not been eliminated.  Robins then goes on to connect this with virtual communities today which are so praised for eliminating distances.  As suggested in the title of the article, Robins views this as extremely detrimental to society, thus supporting the views of those who were skeptical of mobility in the Enlightenment.


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