So Much To Do, So Little Time?

November 5, 2007 at 11:04 pm (Homework, School, Work)

I have been feeling like I have so much work to do in the next two weeks, and I have even less time in which to do it thanks to Macbeth, yet I’ve become even worse (better?) at procrastinating! I mean, I’m sort of getting stuff done, but it’s all small stuff, like replying to emails and the like, not getting homework done and doing research for a big paper due in 2 weeks.

And yet, at the same time, I realize how little homework I actually have. I mean, for my Monday/Wednesday English class, we had to read Richard II for this week, which I did for today, which means I have no homework for Wednesday. Then, for Religion, technically we’re supposed to be reading Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologiae, but since we are going over it in excruciating detail in class, I really feel no need to do that either, so that takes out any homework I might have for Wednesday and Friday. As for Tuesday and Thursday, I have Mythology and Latin, but we are behind in Mythology, and I am on schedule, so when he moved the readings back by a week, I had already done the one for tomorrow, so no homework for that tonight. Latin, on the other hand, must be done. But it’s only 2 chapters of Tacitus for tomorrow instead of the 3 or 4 we’ve been doing. Our professor wants to be able to spend more time doing in-depth readings, rather than trying to sprint through as much Tacitus as possible in one semester. And I must say I fully endorse that decision! If only he decided that the weekly sight translations/quizzes were unecessary…

On the other hand, I still am back-logged with Logic homeworks to grade, though I did have last week off as they had a quiz on Wednesday. I emailed the professor and asked if I could get some help for the next two weeks, as I’ll be working 12 hour days every single day essentially, including weekends, because of my other jobs and Macbeth, and this is 12 hours before I even get to my homework. Admittedly, as outlined above, there isn’t too much of that homework, but still. Any help I could get from him would be fantastic. But, 2 days after I sent the email, still no response. Grrr.

Oh, and in other news, the heater/air conditioner for our room has apparently not been able to make up its mind as to whether it’s winter or not. It blows hot air sometimes, and cold air at others, and of course the control that’s supposed to make it warmer or colder doesn’t seem to actually correlate to the temperature of the air. But, news flash, even down here in the south, it is actually winter. November = winter. 40 degree weather = winter. It’s not complex.


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