Thriving Thursday?

November 1, 2007 at 4:14 pm (Rants, Writing Center)

It’s Thursday. And I’m at the Writing Center. Like every other Thursday this semester. From 4pm-6pm. My first appointment cancelled 15 minutes before midnight last night, i.e. giving everyone else who may have needed/wanted that appointment time slot only 15 minutes to get it. So, obviously, it didn’t fill up. But I had to be here anyway. So I was, and I am. And now it looks like my second appointment is a no-show. Wonderful. Aren’t people just so considerate? I mean, we had to add time slots for more people to make appointments because we were in such demand. And now I’m getting paid to sit here for 2 hours, playing on the Internet and talking to the other tutors who don’t have appointments, not to mention having a conversation with the head of the Writing Center about how rude and terrible it is to make an appointment and then never show up and how we are trying to get our appointment program to not let people make appointments who have missed 2 already. Hopefully that will work. But honestly, this is my 5th? no show in about 2 weeks, and considering I have 6 time slots per week, that is almost half! Honestly, people! I mean, as much as I love having free time on my hands, it’s just irritating. I know that there are a good number of students out there who would really benefit from this appointment. Oy.


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