Writing Activity Idea

October 29, 2007 at 7:39 pm (Family, School, Writing)

Talking to my sister about a paper she’s trying to write, I came up with the most genius idea (in my oh-so-humble opinion). She’s writing a paper describing a place she knows well from her childhood, and she chose the pool that we went to before we moved. The whole paper, as it stands currently, is written in the 2nd paper and is simply a walkthrough of the place, without much depth. So she emailed it to me to help her make it better, and I told her… (prepare yourself for the majesty of this suugestion!)

Write a paragraph describing everything you have in the original, but this time, write it as if you are blind. [side note: I just wrote ‘blind’ as ‘blond’ and I think, while an interesting exercise, that might be going in the opposite direction]

And then I was struck by the genius of that suggestion. I mean, teachers are always trying to get their students to write better descriptions, and use more than one sense, other than sight, so I was thinking that this would be a really interesting assignment for someone in a writing class of some sort, or really, any class.


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