Latin Update

October 12, 2007 at 9:17 am (School)

Well, it looks like I may have actually passed my Latin exam! Out of the 3 passages, one of them was the one we actually translated entirely in class on Tuesday as a way to study for the exam. As a result, it was the only one I really knew!

Then the sight translation was… a sight translation… Actually, it helped me on the prepared translation, cause when he gave us the definition for the words in this translation, some of them were ones I was unsure of in the prepared translation, which means better grade all around!

And for the essay, I simply got to regurgitate what we had talked about in class about that first passage. Well, I did add some of my own thoughts. And when I say I added some of my own thoughts, I mean that I made a bulleted list of random (though potentially valid) points at the top of my page, ostensibly what I was going to talk about when I ran out of time, meanwhile blathering on in the actual space of the essay about only 2 or 3 of those points. See? Running out of time actually helps!

So I think I did decent on the prepared translation (there were still a few areas I wasn’t sure what was going on), decent on the sight translation, and decent on the essay. Which all adds up to one fabulously decent grade! Plus, I’m counting on the extra credit from winning Pictionary and maybe from doing the extra credit English-> Tacitus translation on the actual exam to bring my grade up to above decent…


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