Bad Bookstore

September 26, 2007 at 1:20 pm (Rants, School, UR)

So I went into the UR bookstore yesterday for two reasons:
1) to pick up a book for a class that I realized I had never bought
2) to maybe pick up a magazine or two, since my magazine subscriptions won’t be kicking in for a few weeks yet

And, though I easily found the book I needed (thank goodness, considering I needed to read it for today) the magazine section was absolutely pitiful. Basically, the only magazines there are teen and fashion magazines, e.g. Cosmo, Allure, etc. There are even bridal magazines! I was looking for Time, or Newsweek, or some sort of similar, at leastr semi-intellectual, magazine, and what do I find? More magazines to make sluts and drones out of every female in America. Fantastic. I thought we were supposed to be learning something in college. I thought college was a time to, you know, be intellectual and stuff. Guess I was wrong.


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