The Library

September 24, 2007 at 3:55 pm (Books, Rants, School, UR)

Ok, maybe I’ve been spoiled by my hometown library / the Minuteman Library Network (ok, I definitely have been), but shouldn’t I be able to expect that my university’s library has a good number of books that I might actually want? Apparently not. It seems like everytime I try to search for a book (or movie, for that matter, but that’s why my roomies and I sprung for Netflix), the library does not have it. Anywhere. I mean, honestly! A library needs to have books, otherwise it wouldn’t be a library. And our library certainly has books. Just not good ones. Not recent ones. I mean, honestly. I understand that a gazillion books come out every year, but I have worked at a library, and I know that it is possible to keep at least semi up-to-date with the recent releases. Kinda makes me wish I chose a school that has a bigger library. Not that I ever go to the library here of course. But if they had more books that I wanted, maybe I would….


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