The Nature of Friendship

September 23, 2007 at 8:54 pm (Friends, Rants, School)

(more procrastination…)

I have discovered something quite interesting on the nature of friendship since coming to college: sometimes you discover close friends where you never realized before. Ok, that was extremely awkwardly written, but I shall attempt to explain.

Before coming to college, I figured I had my niche of friends, and they had their friends with whom I was sort of friends with, but not really close friends or anything. And then I came to college. And now I’ve become really close to one of my sorta-close friends, and moved a bit away from others; I barely talk to some friends, only keeping in touch through some quality Facebook-stalking and gossiping with other friends. But I kinda expected all of these, considering how hard it is to really keep a friendship going when you’re separated by multiple states, even with the internet.

What I didn’t expect, however, was that I’d actually get closer to certain people that I had never really considered myself to be friends with. Sure, we were friends-of-friends, but never actually close. Until college. Suddenly we start attending the same get-togethers on the rare occasions we are home from school, and we start talking, and then that communication continues when we return to school. Shocking.

Ok, maybe it’s not really that shocking, but I thought it was really interesting to note, and it really surprised me – in a good way! Friends are always good! Ok, I’m going to stop ranting now…


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