September 23, 2007 at 8:04 pm (School)

Ok, so I’m procrastinating. And have been all day. Seriously. I have a 4-5 page paper due on Tuesday, and I had plans to spend the weekend doing it so that I don’t have to worry about it tomorrow, but that is looking like it is not going to be happening.

I don’t understand it; I’m ususally really good about being able to just sit down and make myself write a paper like this. Maybe its because I’m doing it ahead of time rather than the night before its due? I don’t know. I’ve supposedly been working on it all day, but all I’ve done is put post-it notes throughout the book and write and intro. And we’re supposed to concentrate on 2 main passages, but my thesis kinda spreads out over the whole book, with a few specific instances, not just 2 main ones. I don’t know if that will be beneficial or detremential to my grade. Hopefully the former. Obviously. If I hoped for the latter, something would seriously be wrong with me. Ah well.

And none of my other homework is getting done either. I mean, I’ve had all day to get this paper done, read a few hundred pages of books for other classes, not to mention grade those logic homeworks. But what have I done? Absolutely nothing. Its really sad. I have no idea where my day went. I want my day back! And I want tomorrow off to get all this stuff done that I didn’t do today. Except I know that I’ll just waste all my time tomorrow and start at midnight. This is bad. Like, really bad. Really, really, really bad. I’m about to shoot myself in the foot. Or rather, shoot my college career in the foot. Great. Just what I always wanted.

Ok, time to work on this paper. Seriously.

PS How come I can write a few hundred words here in a matter of minutes, but it takes me days to write the same amount for a school assignment? Its just not fair…


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