How Alarming!

September 22, 2007 at 1:41 pm (Sleep, UR)

I love college. Especially college students. Especially special college students. Like the ones who decided it would be a good idea to pull the fire alarm in my dorm last night. Twice. At midnight and 2am. When I was actually asleep. And the alarm is of course right outside my door. And the second time we went outside, it was raining. And both times, the police showed up tout-de-suite, but the fire department took another good 10 minutes or so. All while the alarm was blaring. Gives me such faith that if there actually was a fire, the arsonist would be arrested, but all our stuff would go up in flames anyway. Fun times.

And then of course, I couldn’t get back to sleep until about 4am. And my computer wouldn’t connect to the internet, so I was stuck playing a gazillion games of solitaire until I felt I was exhausted enough to actually be able to sleep again.

Oh, and did I mention that my bedside alarm went off at 6am the same night? Yes, that would be the alarm that is brand new and has never been set for any time in the entire time I have owned it, since my roomate and I get up at the same time anyway.

I think my poltergeist from last year followed me and decided last night would be a good night to mess with me. Or to get me back for my kinda-surly attitude last night. Who knows… I just hope I can get some actual sleep tonight. But to be honest, I’m not counting on it


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