September 2, 2007 at 2:25 pm (Family, UR, Work)

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted in almost a full month! Tsk, tsk. So how shall I even begin to cover what has happened since then…

A) I finished my jobs at GroupGain and as a tutor, since I needed to go back to school (oh darn…)

B) I got to see my mom’s entire side of the family in a family reuinion type thing that is probably going to become an annual event, considering how far spread the family is becoming

C) I got to move back to school two whole days early thanks to my job as a Peer Advisor, and the Academic Resource Center’s need for someone to answer the phones while they were in meetings during Orientation

D) My roomates moved in and changed around the entire room while I was working at the above job, but it all turned out ok! We have a great triple with an interesting, homey set-up, with fabulous Christmas lights already hung, surrounding the room. The room has one small flourescent light intended to illuminate the entire room, but it really is terrible, so we have our own lamps illuminating everything, plus the Christmas lights, so it is fabulous!

E) Seeing as how it is still summer, technically (fall doesn’t start till mid-September, I believe), we have air conditioning. And the wonderful thing about AC is that it makes the room cold. And the wonderful thing about making the room cold is that when I get cold, I get sick. So now I am sick, and we have made the executive decision to turn off the AC unless absolutely necessary, which really is great!

F) I’ve already dropped one class and am down to only 4, which really doesn’t seem like that much, and thus far I’ve had a good bit of free time on my hands, but I know that once everything I’m committed to doing kicks in, I’ll be too busy to breathe, much less consider being bored.

G) The most recent happening is that my sister turned 16 yesterday. Scary. Very, very scary. And she’s going to get her permit on Tuesday. I am so glad I go to school out of state and will not be on the same roads as her! Just kidding! Well, ish…

H) Despite currently being sick, I am very excited for this year!!!


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